Tebow is 'crazy strong' in weight room

"Let me give you a little story about Tim," Rex Ryan said Thursday.

Of course, there's no such thing as a little story when it comes to Tim Tebow, but let's roll with it. Ryan said he witnessed his backup QB outperform an offensive lineman in the weight room.

Actually, it was a challenge, the unnamed lineman approaching Tebow with a contest proposal: Let's see who can keep their arms extended, holding sledgehammer weights, the longest amount of time.

The lineman went first. He did it, arms shaking, for 1:04. Tebow did it for 1:18.

The legend grows.

"This guy is crazy with how strong he is, and the kind of focus (he has)," Ryan said. "I see that from him. He's super competitive."

What next, a sprint challenge against Antonio Cromartie?