Take 5: Bryan Thomas' favorite memories

This is our third "Take Five" list. From now until training camp, we'll have periodic lists -- some serious, some not-so-serious. In this one, we ask Bryan Thomas -- the longest-tenured Jet -- to provide his top five memories. Thomas, a first-round pick in 2002, celebrated his 33rd birthday Thursday. Naturally, he was razzed by teammates, one of whom taped a homemade card inside his locker congratulating him on his "38th" birthday.

Here's BT's top five:

1. Divisional playoff win over the Patriots, January, 2011: "No one gave us a chance. On that Monday night game, they kicked our ass, they embarrassed us (45-3). Everybody picked us to lose again. To beat them in their place, wow, that was really emotional. Definitely my favorite memory."

2. Wild-card win at the Chargers, January, 2005: "It's funny, the only thing I remember about that game was Eric Barton roughing Drew Brees (on the final play of regulation). Eric said, 'I didn't do anything.' When we went back and looked at the tape, we all said, 'You did it.'"

3. Divisional win at the Chargers, January, 2010: "That had to be one of our best defensive games ever. Weren't the Chargers No. 1 in scoring or something like that? (They were fourth in scoring, with a 13-3 record.) We really handled them (17-14). A great win."

4. Wild-card win over the Colts, January, 2003: "That was a total annihilation (41-0). That was a really big game for us. I remember it being really cold and I remember Peyton Manning doing nothing. We were clicking on all cylinders."

5. Division-clinching win over the Packers, December, 2002: "The only thing I remember about that day was New England beating Miami. I remember the (Giants Stadium) JumboTron showing the final play of that game, and the entire stadium going crazy. I knew we weren't going to get beat that day."