Three things we learned on Day 19

CORTLAND, N.Y. -- Observations from Monday at training camp:

1. If the Jets run a Wildcat play and no one is there to see it, it still makes "SportsCenter." Hey, this was big news even though the Jets, operating within the league rules, placed restrictions on what we could report with regard to the Wildcat. I'd love to provide the juicy details, but it will have to remain top-secret since it was closed to the public. All I can tell you is this: Rex Ryan is dead serious about this whole Wildcat thing. To him, it's not a gimmick; it will be a key part of their offense and he's confident it will work. I'm skeptical. It might catch teams by surprise early in the year, but I don't think it can carry them an entire season.

2. The Wildcat provided a jolt to the offense. Maybe I'm reading too much into this, but the offense's most efficient 7-on-7 drill of camp occurred after a Wildcat period. Coincidence? Maybe not. The offense got off to a shaky start in practice, but it came to life, perhaps energized by the novelty of the Wildcat. You should've seen Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow: They completed 14 straight at one point. Interesting.

3. It really bugs Ryan that media types questioned the Quinton Coples pick. For the second straight day, the coach referred to the "bust" predictions that surfaced when the Jets used their No. 1 pick on the defensive end. This is a good time for Ryan to gloat because Coples played a terrific game in the preseason opener, but let's not put him next to Curtis Martin in the Hall of Fame just yet. From all indications, Coples isn't a good practice player. Ryan did him no favors by likening him to Jason Pierre-Paul. Mind you, Ryan didn't say Coples is as good as JPP -- he said "hopefully" -- but that's not how it will play in the media.