Theismann to Sanchez: Show some spine

Joe Theismann doesn't like the Mark Sanchez-Tim Tebow dynamic, but not for the reason you might think.

The former Redskins quarterback believes Sanchez needs to do a better job of defending his turf -- and he unloaded on the Jets' starter Friday in a radio interview.

“This strikes at the heart of Mark Sanchez’s pride,” Theismann said on WFAN. “He’s going to get booed. He’s going to get thrown under the bus. And I want to see what kind of cojones he’s got. That’s what I’m looking for. ... I’m sick and tired of hearing this nice-guy stuff: ‘Oh, Timmy’s a nice guy. Oh, Mark’s a nice (guy).'"

Theismann continued: "Hey, if I’m Mark Sanchez, ‘I’m the starting quarterback and it’s great to have Tim here to help us win football games.’ That’s the statement. It’s time for somebody to stand up (and) believe in themselves if you’re a Jet."

And he continued some more: "Enough of this nicey two-shoe garbage. Stand up for what you believe in. You’re the starting quarterback. This guy’s not. That’s the way it is. Deal with it."

Sanchez hasn't made any waves since the arrival of Tebow. In training camp, he made headlines with the "This is my huddle" quote, but that wasn't a direct reference to Tebow.