Tanny: Tebow will get 10 to 20 percent

There has been several months of speculation on how much playing time Tim Tebow will receive in the Jets' Wildcat package. On Friday morning, GM Mike Tannenbaum put a number to it -- albeit a vague number.

"Mark (Sanchez) is going to be on the field for the lion's share," Tannenbaum said on "Mike & Mike" in the Morning on ESPN Radio. "You guys will see. His playing time will be 80-90 percent over the 16 games. He's clearly our quarterback."

OK, let's do some math. The Jets had 1,030 offensive plays last season. If Sanchez plays 80 percent, it means Tebow will get about 206 snaps -- about 13 per game. If Sanchez plays 90 percent, it means 103 snaps for Tebow -- about 6.5 per game.

But that might not be an accurate gauge of the Tebow effect, because there will certainly be times when he's on the field with Sanchez.