Does QB tryout affect Tebow?

An interesting name came across the NFL transactions wire Tuesday -- free-agent QB Kevin O'Connell, who worked out for the Jets.

Once upon a time -- September, 2009 -- the Jets traded for O'Connell, in part, because they opened against the Patriots and they wanted to pick his brain for Patriots intel. He was drafted by the Patriots and spent the previous year on their roster. It just so happens the Jets face their AFC East rival this week, but he's too far removed from that situation to be of any help.

So why would the Jets bring in O'Connell for a look-see? This is a player they've said goodbye to on three different occasions. Their depth chart is filled, with Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow and Greg McElroy So why?

Make no mistake, this wasn't random. GM Mike Tannenbaum isn't a random kind of guy; there had to be a reason. Which raises a question: With the trading deadline only two weeks away, is there a chance the Jets could trade Tebow and make Greg McElroy the No. 2?

Rex Ryan already is on record as saying the Wildcat hasn't been as successful as he expected. There also have been rumblings that Tebow is frustrated by his smaller-than-anticipated role. The man has played only 50 offensive snaps in six games, making more of an impact as a personal protector on the punt team than on offense. It has become quite clear that Ryan doesn't know how to use him or never wanted him in the first place.

I found it interesting that Patriots coach Bill Belichick delivered a virtual filibuster Tuesday on the value of Tebow, detailing all the different ways he's supposedly helping the Jets -- if only it were true. It almost seemed like Belichick was exaggerating Tebow's importance to tweak the Jets for under-utilizing him.

Obviously, they'd be admitting a colossal mistake by trading Tebow. Plus, we know owner Woody Johnson is a big Tebow fan. For those reasons, a trade is highly unlikely. Plus, who'd want him? Maybe we're reading too much into O'Connell's workout, but you have to know that everything happens for a reason inside the big building in Florham Park.