Three ways to use Tim Tebow better

I know what you’re thinking.

Everyone who reads the blog wants to know how the New York Jets will use better Tim Tebow better, right?

The popular backup quarterback has been a virtual non-factor offensively in the first half of the season. Tebow’s Wildcat package has been a bust both on the ground and through the air.

New York’s brain trust had the bye week to figure this out. Jets head coach Rex Ryan and offensive coordinator Tony Sparano vowed before the bye that New York would increase Tebow’s production in the second half of the season.

The AFC East blog has three suggestions for Tebow and the Jets:

No. 1: Use Tebow at running back

It sounds like a gimmick. But putting Tebow, a career quarterback, at tailback could actually work. The Jets lack depth at running back. New York has a pair of injured running backs in Bilal Powell (shoulder) and Joe McKnight (ankle). Shonn Greene is the unquestioned starter but he occasionally needs a breather. Tebow could add to the pile with several carries a game. He’s a strong runner between the tackles.

No. 2: Don’t be afraid to play Tebow at QB

I’m not condoning benching Mark Sanchez. The leash is short, but Sanchez probably deserves at least another week or two to show he can turn the Jets around. But New York should not be afraid to let Tebow run the base offense. He comes in for Sanchez several plays a game anyway. Why not let him run New York’s usual plays instead of the gimmick Wildcat?

No. 3: Tebow the fullback

The Jets have used Tebow a little at H-back, tight end and split him out wide. But none of it worked. Sanchez either refuses to throw to Tebow, even if he’s open, or hits Tebow in the helmet. The Jets should use Tebow more at fullback. He could be a physical blocker and catch passes out of the backfield. This might sound a bit out of left field, but what the Jets were doing with Tebow before didn’t work. Everything should be on the table.