Not the typical bye week for Rex and Jets

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. — Last week was supposed to be a relaxing time at home with his family, including his baby daughter, but Hurricane Sandy affected Jets WR Chaz Schilens in the same way it did millions of others in New York and New Jersey. What helped Schilens during the storm was the Jets practice facility, which remained operational.

“I was in town, but it wasn’t that great,” Schilens said. “I was thankful that this place was open. I don’t know if they had a generator or what but I think this was the only place in Madison and Florham Park that did have power for a few days so I was thankful for that.”

The Jets have a backup generator, which allowed players without power a place to shower and stay warm. Some players were able to get out of town right after the game, or rode out the storm and left soon after.

Aaron Berry wanted to drive home to Hershey, Penn. on Tuesday, but he was worried about finding gas. He was able to find a small station open, but they weren’t able to process his credit card, so he wrote a check.

Antonio Cromartie stayed in town with his family, and said he wasn’t able to get a flight and didn’t want to drive a long distance due to the trouble getting gas. So he got a hotel room and, when he went to fill up the gas tank on Thursday, it took three and a half hours.

Nick Mangold said he was thankful the storm did minor damange to his home. “It’s been difficult getting news and updates, we’re still without power,” Mangold said. “It’s a difficult kind of bye week but it could have been worse.”

Yeremiah Bell agreed that it didn’t seem much like a typical bye week.

“No it didn’t,” Bell said. “It was a strange bye week but at the same time we got a little time away and for the most part I think it was good to recap on what took place and you know where we need to go.”

Even coach Rex Ryan lost power, and still doesn’t have it.

“But in this situation, our players are no different than anybody else in the community,” Ryan said. “And that’s the way it should be. Those are things that everybody in the area has to deal with and our players aren’t exempt (from) that.”