Scott (turf toe) not sure he'll play in Seattle

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. -- Bart Scott will travel to Seattle, but he is not sure whether he will be cleared to play with the turf toe that ended his streak of 119 consecutive games played.

Scott would prefer to play, but the Jets trainers want to see how much his toe swells after two straight days of practicing in a limited capacity. He will be on site either way.

“It's real boring watching a game,” Scott said. “Watching a game, I was more nervous than when I played. I was nervous. I was on pins and needles. The game seems so much longer than when you’re playing.”

Considering how many games Scott has played, it wasn’t a surprise how disorienting it was for him to sit out Oct. 28 against Miami. He said during a missed game you are still busy being coached and you don’t see every play on offense and defense.

“I had a lot of anxiety, wishing the guys played well, wishing I could help,” Scott said. “So it was frustrating, but it what it does is it give you appreciation of what it is to play. When you play 119, you kind of take for granted that you expect on Sundays to play. When that’s taken away from you, it really puts some perspective on what a blessing it is to play 119 straight.”

He said the Jets have had to adjust to all their injuries this season, more than he can remember and including their best player, cornerback Darrelle Revis.

“We’ve called up more practice squad players and more backup players than a lot of teams have had to,” Scott said.

Scott said he would go to Seattle simply for a night in a hotel, since his home remains without power. The man who was featured on Animal Planet’s “Tanked” lost some of his saltwater fish in the power outage.

He used his famous catchphrase to describe his predicament:

“I can’t wait -- to get power,” Scott said.