Curtis wouldn't mind more Tebow

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. -- Hall of Famer Curtis Martin would like to see more Tim Tebow

"Personally, maybe, because he's there and I believe in giving guys an opportunity," the former Jets great said Tuesday morning on the NFL Network. "It's not for me to question the head coach’s decision. The way things work out, if Mark (Sanchez) isn’t playing well and things don’t go well, Tebow will be in there eventually."

Tebow's role has been debated since Week 1. He has played in only 65 offensive snaps, only 10.2 percent of the Jets' total plays. Asked if the Jets are getting enough out of Tebow's various skills, Martin said:

"It's important for a head coach to have faith in his starting quarterback. When (Rex Ryan) feels Mark has taken the team as far as he can take the team, he will make that change. Until then, we will continue to see Mark Sanchez."