Hill not losing confidence despite drops

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. -- After leaving Gillette Stadium last month with a loss, as well as a crucial fourth-quarter drop, Stephen Hill is all set for Thursday's Thanksgiving Day showdown against the Patriots at MetLife Stadium.

"I'm ready to play this game," Hill said to reporters Tuesday. "You can say it's kind of a get-back, in a way, definitely because we lost and I had that crucial drop, but other than that, it's not a big deal. (I'm) going to take each play one at a time."

Hill faces New England for the first time since dropping a late pass that would have been a first down, and possibly a touchdown. It's been a rough go of it lately for the rookie as he has just two catches for 29 yards in the three games since the loss.

Hill has started to develop a reputation for dropping balls, with four this year, according to ESPN Stats & Information. He has just 14 catches to counter those drops.

In that 29-26 overtime loss to the Pats, Hill had four catches for 55 yards, but it's his one non-catch that had the biggest effect on the game. With the Jets trailing 23-20 and less than three minutes left, the rookie second-round pick would have had a first down in the red zone, and potentially a touchdown, but he couldn't corral the ball. The Jets did tie the game on a field goal, but they blew their chance to take a four-point lead.

"It was easy to forget about it but it was not easy to just understand that it could have put us in a different situation," Hill said.

Since then, Hill has been targeted 11 times but has just two catches, both of which came on Oct. 28 against Miami. In the past two games against Seattle and St. Louis, he's been targeted four times and hasn't reeled in any balls, and has one drop. He has just 14 catches for 196 yards and three scores on the year, and only nine catches for 107 yards and one score since the opening week.

Hill said he's not concerned about his drops. He complimented his teammates for helping him through tough times, saying veteran linebacker Bart Scott has been great to talk to because he's seen so much. Hill stressed the importance of not getting down on himself and not dwelling on the mistakes.

Hill's confidence hasn't been shaken as he's struggled to hold onto the ball.

"I've had several things like this happen in my life," Hill said. "It's just another walk in the park. Going to have to take it, live with it. It's just life."