Tebow at QB: Get over it, Tim

INDIANAPOLIS -- Where will Tim Tebow play in 2013?

Ask a coach or personnel type the question, and you get a shrug of the shoulders. No one can offer a solid prediction. Tebow's future is one of the mysteries of the scouting combine -- assuming, of course, that he and the Jets part ways in the coming weeks.

Some, including former GM Bill Polian, believe Tebow must abandon his desire to be a full-time quarterback in order to land another job in the league. Thing is, Tebow said at the end of the season he wants to remain a quarterback.

"I think he has to change his position; he has to put quarterback behind him," said Polian, now an ESPN analyst. "He's a good football player, but he's not a quarterback you can hang your hat on."

Polian said Tebow could be a running back or tight end, or a "change-up guy" for a team that allows him to run the read-option scheme, but "he has to tell clubs, 'I'm willing to do whatever you want me to do and I'm not going to compete for reps at quarterback.' Without that, it's very hard."

Polian added this rather blunt assessment of Tebow's ability: "I don't think he's a passer, period -- the kind of passer you have to have to win in the NFL."

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll has known Tebow for a long time -- he tried to recruit him to USC -- and he believes Tebow has a place in the league. But his opinion came with a caveat.

"If you play his style of football, there's no question (he can play quarterback)," Carroll said. "You just have to find somebody who wants to do that. He's got a different style of ball. He's a great winner. To do what he did (in Denver), he's proven he's a great winner. But it doesn't mean it's the style owners and coaches want to coach with. You have to figure that part out."

There has been some speculation that Tebow could draw interest from the Bears, whose new head coach -- Marc Trestman -- tutored him before the 2010 draft. The Bears also have former Jets quarterbacks coach Matt Cavanaugh on their staff.

Asked this week about Tebow, Trestman practically ran away from the topic.

"I had a great opportunity to spend some time with Tim and work with him at the time just out of college," he said. "I’ve really been away from it from a standpoint of even commenting (on) what he’s been through and where he is at the present time."

The NFL's true feelings about Tebow will be known in three or four weeks, when he's traded (unlikely) or released by the Jets.