Report: Jets want 13th pick for Revis

The Jets won't trade Darrelle Revis to the Bucs unless the compensation package includes the Bucs' first-round draft pick (13th overall), the Tampa Bay Times reported Monday.

Jets GM John Idzik made that clear to the Bucs' front office, according to the newspaper, which said GM Mark Dominick is hedging on whether to offer the pick.

The Bucs are almost desperate. They have a gaping hole and there are no top-flight corners remaining in the free-agent market. If they fail to land Revis, they'd probably have to use their first-round pick on a cornerback, hoping he'd become 80 percent the player Revis is.

The Jets could be looking for a package similar to what the Vikings received from the Seahawks for wide receiver Percy Harvin -- first- and seventh-round picks in 2013, plus a third-rounder in 2014.

If a Jets-Bucs trade occurs, it likely wouldn't happen until the week of the April 25 draft, according to sources. The Bucs would want to give Revis a physical, examining his surgically repaired knee. Revis and the Bucs also would have to hammer out a long-term contract, but that isn't seen as an obstacle. The Bucs are willing to pay him about $15 million a year, $3.5 million more than his current annual average.

The Bucs have a self-imposed deadline of April 18 to make the trade, the Times reported. They probably will have some flexibility as the high-stakes poker game between the two teams figures to continue into draft week. The Jets will try to leverage the Bucs' pressing need at cornerback. At the same time, the Bucs know they're the only serious suitor and they suspect the Jets want to move Revis because they fear losing him for nothing in 2014, when he can bolt as a free agent.

Prediction: This trade will happen. There's too much motivation on each side for it not to happen. To use one of former GM Mike Tannenbaum's favorite expressions, it's just a matter of finding a landing place that makes sense for both sides. The feeling here is that the Jets will extract the 13th pick, giving them nine and 13 -- a chance to plug two holes in their lineup.