Day-after react to Revis trade

New Bucs CB Darrelle Revis (that felt weird typing) will hold an introductory news conference at noon in Tampa. A few thoughts and musings beforehand:

1. Revis' season-ending knee injury last September was deemed devastating for the team -- and it was -- but, in a weird way, it may have been a blessing in disguise -- at least from the Jets' perspective. Could you imagine the fallout if the Jets had traded a healthy Revis? I'm convinced they would've done it because there was no way Woody Johnson was paying $16 million per year for a cornerback. The injury provided an out, an alibi for the trade. It offered some cover for the Jets.

2. In the immediate aftermath of the trade, I hastily jumped to the conclusion that the Jets received less for Revis than the Vikings got for WR Percy Harvin in their trade with the Seahawks. Based on the draft-pick value chart, the Jets actually got more value for their two picks than the Vikings received for their three. The difference: the Jets' first-round pick is 13th (1,150 points on the chart), the Vikings' first rounder is 25th (720 points). That tilts it significantly toward the Jets.

3. The word from the Revis camp is that he would've signed the same six-year, $96 million contract from the Jets. Moot point. It wasn't offered. A deal like that, structured with $16 million in compensation per year, would've made absolutely no sense for the Jets.

4. I realize the circumstances have changed a bit -- i.e. the knee injury -- but I remember the Jets getting blasted in the summer of 2010 for offering Revis a deal that included no guaranteed money. On Sunday, Revis signed a deal with no guaranteed money.

5. If you're the Jets' marketing people, how do you sell 2013 to the fans? Which player (or players) do you promote? They lost a lot of star power by trading Revis.

6. Now all the pressure shifts to new GM John Idzik, who owns the ninth and 13th picks. He can't mess this up, can he? I feel sorry for the player that gets picked 13th -- i.e. a career of Revis comparisons.

7. Conclusion on the trade: Good trade in a bad situation that both sides helped create.