Take 5: Ex-rugby star rates football

Continuing our "Take 5" series, TE Hayden Smith, a native Australian who became an international rugby star in England before deciding to play for the Jets, provides five reasons why he loves the NFL. It's an interesting take from a man who never put on a football helmet until last year:

1. Preparation: "The amount of time and preparation that goes into football makes every little success that much sweeter. If you make a big play in football, there's no adrenaline rush like it."

2. Action: "The speed of the game. Once the ball is snapped, it's just incredibly quick. It's lightning fast, so that's exciting."

3. Team size: "It's a much bigger group of guys. It's a different dynamic, much more culturally diverse. [In rugby], there would be a squad of about 30 to 35."

4. Facilities: "Everything is obviously on a bigger stage. The facilities are second to none. My favorite part [of the Jets' facility] is the tubs, especially after a tough practice. That's a nice, little perk."

5. New York: "Being able to live in a city like New York is a great experience, the cultural side of it. It's an amazing place."