Geno responds to WVU fallout

CORTLAND, N.Y. -- Former West Virginia QB Geno Smith finally had a chance to say his piece Wednesday in response to the inflammatory quotes by his former coach and teammates.

Smith said he didn't perceive the comments about a lack of leadership on last year's team as an indictment of him.

"Not at all, and I’m pretty sure everyone has cleared that up by now," he said after practice. "I hate the fact that you guys try to make it about me. It’s not about me, it never was when I was in college, junior high school, high school. It’s a team sport, it’s a team game when we all go out there and compete together as a team. It’s the same thing here, so that’s what it’s all about. I love my teammates at West Virginia, I love those coaches, I had a great time there and I wish them the best."

West Virginia coach Dana Holgorsen was quoted recently as saying, "We have to develop leaders. It was a big issue on last year's team -- in a bad way." Some of his players echoed that sentiment in a story by the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. None of them singled out Smith by name.