Wilkerson: It was a clean hit on Locker

NASHVILLE -- Muhammad Wilkerson knocked Tennessee Titans quarterback Jake Locker out of the game in the third quarter with a potentially serious hip injury, but the New York Jets' defensive end insisted it was a clean hit. He said one of the officials told him so.

"If it was late, they would've thrown a flag," Wilkerson said after the Jets' 38-13 loss at LP Field. "They didn't throw a flag. The ref told me it was a clean hit. I took my one step and that was that."

On the CBS telecast, analyst Dan Dierdorf said Wilkerson struck Locker in the chest with the crown of his helmet. If the league sees it that way, Wilkerson likely would be fined.

Locker absorbed the blow and fell awkwardly, immediately clutching his right hip. He was motionless on the ground, silent, on his back. Nearby, defensive end Sheldon Richardson dropped to one knee.

"I always say a prayer when guys go down like that," Richardson said.

The Titans didn't waste any time, immediately summoning for medical help. He was carted off the field, giving a thumb's up as he left. The Titans gave no immediate update, except to say X-rays were negative.

In two-plus quarters, Locker (18-for-24, 149 yards) torched the Jets, throwing three touchdown passes -- a career high.