Sunday notes: Two-faced Tom Brady

Following Rex Ryan's advice, I skipped household chores -- but not the Sunday notes:

1. Hate to say it: Guard Willie Colon has been chirping about his hatred for the New England Patriots since the beginning to the season. Tom Brady took a pass when asked to comment on Colon’s latest “I-hate-them” remark, saying, “Not much fazes me with Jets-Patriots at this point, or Yankees-Red Sox.”

Brady took the high road, but let us not forget that Mr. Squeaky Clean used the ‘H’ word long before Colon. In August 2010, he was asked if he was watching the HBO series “Hard Knocks,” which featured the Jets that summer.

“Honestly, I haven’t turned it on. I hate the Jets, so I refuse to support that show," Brady said. "I’m sure it’s great TV. I’m glad people are liking it. But that’s just something that I have no interest in watching. I’d love to say a lot of mean things, but I’d rather not do that, either.”

Sure, easy to say when you’re not playing them that week.

2. Contract push: You have to admire Antonio Cromartie for his brutally honest self-evaluation, admitting he’s not playing close to a Pro Bowl level. If he doesn’t pick up his play, it could make for an interesting decision in the offseason.

Cromartie has a $14.98 million cap charge in 2014, the final year of his contract. He renegotiated his deal last March, pushing some money into ’14. That’s a big number to carry, especially with a $5 million roster bonus due in March. I can’t see Cromartie taking a pay cut, so they’d have to extend the deal or part ways.

3. QB carousel set to spin again: The Jets have to make a decision by Monday on David Garrard, whose two-game roster exemption will expire. It’s hard to imagine them keeping four quarterbacks on the 53-man roster, so they’ll either say goodbye to Garrard or release Brady Quinn. I understand the value in having an experienced mentor for Geno Smith, but the decision should be based on this: Who would they rather have in the game, Quinn or Garrard? I’d take Quinn. If they value Garrard’s intangibles that much, the Jets should make him a coach.

4. Try the combo platter: The Jets have used 122 unique lineups on offense, the fourth-highest total in the league. That’s a high number, considering they’ve had relative stability on the line. Some of it's due to injuries at receiver and tight end, but most of it can be attributed to Marty Mornhinweg’s penchant for using so many different personnel packages.

5. A craving for brownies: The addition of KR Josh Cribbs means the Jets have three former members of the 2008 Cleveland Browns; the others are Quinn and TE Kellen Winslow. They also had Braylon Edwards as recently as training camp. Previously, they had Brodney Pool. That’s a lot of players from a 4-12 team.

6. The good, the bad, the ugly: Here are two statistics that illustrates Smith’s season: His combined total of interceptions (13) and sacks (21) is the highest in the league, one greater than Eli Manning (33). But at the same time, Smith has demonstrated the ability to hurt defenses with his long passes. He has a 50 percent completion rate on throws of at least 20 yards, tied for third best in the league, according to ESPN Stats & Information.

7. Solace for Salas: Eyebrows were raised when the Jets signed an injured wide receiver, Greg Salas, from the Philadelphia Eagles’ practice squad. Ryan said they knew about the knee ailment, which he called a two-week injury. The Jets liked Salas because of his strong preseason -- seven catches for 107 yards and a touchdown. They were able to pry him away when the Eagles opted to promote B.J. Cunningham over Salas last Monday. The Jets are stuck with him for three weeks. By rule, a player is guaranteed three weekly checks when he leaves a practice squad to sign on another team’s 53-man roster.

8. What a business: Former Stony Brook (N.Y.) star Miguel Maysonet, added last week to the practice squad, already has experienced the cut-throat side to the NFL. Nearly 10 months after signing his first contract, the running back already has been cut by four different teams -- Eagles, Browns, Indianapolis Colts (practice squad) and San Diego Chargers (practice squad). He’d like to last at least 10 days with the Jets because he didn’t make it past seven in his last two stops.

“I had no idea it would be like this at all, being cut left and right, moving around,” he said. “It kind of sucks, but it’s also humbled me in a way. It’s hard to start all over every single time. Things don’t come easy, but if you love the game, you have to work through it. I’m still chasing the dream."

9. Let's talk sex -- or not: I spoke to two players who stated emphatically that Ryan wasn’t referring to abstinence when he delivered his “rest-the-legs, no-household-chores” speech. But it still made for a comical, after-hours scene in the press room, Ryan trying to clarify the situation with reporters.

10. St. Peyton: The big story in the NFL is Peyton Manning’s return to Indianapolis, where he was, still is and always will be an iconic figure. During his heyday with the Colts, he reportedly dined with friends after every home game in a private room at the city’s famed St. Elmo’s Steakhouse. But it wasn’t always red-carpet treatment. A few hours after a Jets-Colts game (I’m guessing it was 1998, his rookie year), I saw Manning and some family members peering into the window of a TGI Fridays to see if it still was serving. The streets were desolate, except for the Mannings and a few hungry New York sports writers. He has come a long way. The sports writers, not so much.