Jets: State police detained brawling fans

A male New York Jets fan punched a female fan in the face following New York’s 30-27 overtime victory over the Patriots Sunday at MetLife Stadium.

The man was wearing a Wayne Chrebet jersey and green camouflage shorts.

The incident was captured in a 36-second video. Security had yet to intervene as the video ended.

It is unknown what provoked the altercation.

"We are aware of the situation and we do not tolerate that behavior. Parties involved were detained and this matter is now in the hands of the New Jersey State Police," a Jets spokesman said.

"State police are aware of the video and the incident is currently under investigation," Sgt. Adam Grossman said Monday.

No names have been released.

UPDATE, 5:50 p.m.: The New York Daily News has identified the male Jets fan as Kurt Paschke, 38.

His mother, Colleen Paschke, told the newspaper that her son acted in self-defense.

Colleen said Patriots fans were being obnoxious and provoked the altercation.