Jets not worried about McElroy sharing info

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. -- Dennis Thurman isn't worried about Greg McElroy.

The New York Jets defensive coordinator said it's "overrated" that McElroy, a former Jet quarterback currently on the Bengals' practice squad, can provide precious intel to Cincinnati in preparation for Sunday's game between the teams.

"Don't give that too much credit," Thurman said. "I left Dallas after eight years and went and played in St. Louis and couldn't remember jack. Don't put too much stock in that. It's overrated. It really is."

It's common knowledge that teams will ask players to provide information on their former teams, and McElroy, who started for the Jets last season, would have plenty to share. McElroy spent two-plus years with the Jets before being released, and knows the schemes and audible calls the Jets used on both sides of the ball.

Thurman said good offenses and good defenses made adjustments with their play calls, especially when they know they're going to be playing against someone who's been around their system.

He used the example of a play called "Red 88," saying it may have meant one thing when McElroy was with the Jets, but any alteration by the Jets would leave the Bengals expecting a different play.

"One word change or one color or one number and all of a sudden what Greg McElroy told you don't mean jack," Thurman said. "It's overrated."

Thurman added that it's very difficult to accurately predict what teams are going to do before every snap, even with inside information.

"Football is a game where if they hit you at the right time with the right call, there's a weakness in every defense, and there's times when they might hit you at the right time," Thurman said. "To anticipate something or believe you know something, it's a good guess. It'd be a good guess on his part."