Upon Further Review: Jets Week 11

ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. -- A review of four hot issues from the New York Jets' 37-14 loss to the Buffalo Bills:

Quarterback controversy? Based on passer rating, Geno Smith's performance (10.1) was the worst by a Jets starter in four years. Based on ESPN's QBR, it was the worst game (0.7) of the season by any quarterback. Smith was replaced by Matt Simms, marking the second straight loss in which the rookie finished the game on the bench. That's not a good thing. No doubt, there will be cries for Rex Ryan to start Simms. As bad as Smith played, it's not time to make a change. Simms, whose regular-season resume consists of two mop-up outings, isn't the answer. The Jets have to find a way to make it work with Smith. If he becomes utterly hopeless, then yes, remove him. But he's not there. Without a viable veteran alternative, it's Geno or bust.

Reed no help: Newly signed safety Ed Reed was supposed to help the pass defense -- specifically, on deep passes. The future Hall of Famer had no impact in his Jets debut, as rookie EJ Manuel torched the Jets, completing 20 of 28 passes for 245 yards and two touchdowns. He threw 34- and 43-yard scoring passes, victimizing Dee Milliner and Antonio Cromartie, respectively. Reed was late with deep help on the latter touchdown. Here's the troubling part: Most of Manuel's yardage came into the heavy wind at Ralph Wilson Stadium. He also played without his No. 1 receiver, Stevie Johnson. Milliner also allowed a 40-yard completion, but he played "extremely well," according to Ryan. Clearly, pass defense is the Jets' Achilles heel.

Call him Stephen Invisi-hill: In baseball, it's called a golden sombrero when a batter strikes out four times. What's it called when a wide receiver goes 0-for-7? Don't think they have a name for that, but that's what happened to Stephen Hill, who was targeted seven times and had no receptions. It wasn't all his fault, obviously; this was the continuation of a troubling trend. Hill, who has enjoyed two of his best games against the Bills, has only 10 receptions in his last seven games. That's mind-blowing inefficiency, considering he's on the field for almost every play. Santonio Holmes made two big plays in the passing game in his long-anticipated return, but the Jets will never be a potent offense unless another weapon emerges.

Brutal honesty: The Jets' lack of consistency is starting to chafe some players. Guard Willie Colon offered this candid assessment: "Before, I kind of thought it was maybe a lack of preparation, but I felt like we had a good week of practice. We have to handle adversity better." Whoa, let's backtrack: A lack of preparation in the previous losses? That's quite a telling statement by Colon, a locker-room sage. He's also correct about not handling adversity. Yes, Smith has orchestrated four game-winning drives, but they faced only one double-digit deficit in those games. The Jets don't respond well when they get knocked down early. That explains three blowout losses, all on the road.