Revis will be covering ... take a guess

Rex Ryan usually is remarkably candid when it comes to discussing his weekly coverage plans for CB Darrelle Revis. Not this week. All he'd say Thursday is that Revis won't be on longtime nemesis Randy Moss, the former Patriot-turned-Viking-turned Titan.

"We're not saying who he's on or is not on," said Ryan, employing some Belichickian secrecy. "Does it give us a competitive edge? I doubt it."

But Ryan still wouldn't say. The answer to that question could be one of the keys to Monday night's mega-showdown in Foxborough. People in the know suspect that Revis won't be on one particular player the entire night. They will change his assignments based on down-and-distance, formation and game situations.

Best bet: Revis will see a lot of WR Deion Branch, one of Tom Brady's go-to guys. You also could see Revis on one of the Patriots' talented rookie tight ends, Aaron Hernandez or Rob Gronkowski, who has been a big factor over the last four games. Or maybe even Wes Welker, who leads the Patriots with 65 receptions.

"That guy, he makes up his own routes -- in a good way," Revis said of Welker. "He took slot receiving to another level. He's exceptional. His footwork is great, reading coverages ... everything. He's the best, to me, in the league."

Revis could be on Welker at times, but Revis isn't accustomed to playing in the slot, where Welker usually lines up. Clearly, the Jets hope to use the Revis mystery to their advantage, trying to keep the Patriots off-balance. Revis, too, is being coy.

Asked who he's going to cover, he said, "Tom Brady."