NFLN survey/concussion-safety: Jets

Our NFL Nation network of team reporters polled 320 players across the league -- 10 from each team -- to produce a confidential survey that covered eight probing questions/hot topics. Next up ...

True or false: I'd play in the Super Bowl with a concussion.

Results: True -- 272 (85 percent); False -- 48 (15 percent).

True or false: The NFL is committed to player safety.

Results: True -- 192 (60 percent); False -- 128 (40 percent).

Our take: Obviously, concussions are a hot-button issue in the NFL. Judging from the lopsided results, the players don't seem too alarmed by potential long-term effects. If they are, it's clear they're willing to take the risk in order to play on the biggest stage. The Jets' voting fell in line with the rest of the league, as nine out of 10 said they'd play in the Super Bowl with a concussion. A couple of players paused for a few seconds before answering, but most of them replied without hesitation. A handful of player shrugged their shoulders as if to say, "What, are you kidding me? Of course." Interesting.

On the player-safety topic, the Jets differed from the rest of the league, as eight out of 10 answered "true." Without a doubt, the players gave more consideration to this response than they did for the concussion question. They probably mulled the various rule changes designed to protect the players. In the end, they felt the league had their back. One offensive player and one defensive player felt otherwise.