What's next for Mark Sanchez?

Because the New York Jets took nearly two weeks to sort out their quarterback situation, Mark Sanchez missed out on the choice quarterback vacancies in the NFL. No fewer than 10 teams have signed or re-signed veterans, shrinking the market. Sanchez will land somewhere, but it probably won't be in a situation in which he'd have a chance to win the starting job. Those gigs are gone.

A look at the top possibilities:

1. St. Louis Rams: Sanchez has a connection with offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer, his first coordinator with the Jets. Sam Bradford is coming off ACL surgery, and their only backup is Austin Davis.

2. Chicago Bears: Jay Cutler is locked in as the starter, but the Bears don't have an experienced backup. Sanchez's first quarterback coach, Matt Cavanaugh, has the same position with the Bears.

3. Cleveland Browns: The Browns say they like Brian Hoyer, but he's their only experienced quarterback. They reportedly showed some interest in Matt Schaub before he was traded to the Oakland Raiders. The Browns could draft one, possibly with the No. 4 overall pick. The Sanchez connection here is coach Mike Pettine, formerly the Jets' defensive coordinator.

4. Buffalo Bills: It's EJ Manuel and a bunch of question marks. Come to think of it, Manuel is a question mark, too.

5. Seattle Seahawks: Sanchez's old college coach, Pete Carroll, re-signed Tarvaris Jackson as Russell Wilson's backup, but he could provide a landing spot if Sanchez strikes out elsewhere.