Namath, Chrebet & a special dad from FDNY

In case you missed it, "Good Morning America" did a terrific piece Monday on a New York City firefighter named Lt. Larry Mack. It's a Father's Day theme, telling the story of how Mack became a surrogate father to the children of his best friend, the late Lt. Vinnie Halloran, a fellow firefighter who perished on Sept. 11.

What does this have to do with the New York Jets? Mack happens to be a lifelong fan. To honor Mack for his uncommon loyalty and selflessness, GMA throws a tailgate party at a firehouse in the Bronx, complete with the Jets' Flight Crew, a live appearance by former wide receiver Wayne Chrebet and a taped video message from Hall of Famer Joe Namath.

"Lieutenant, I want to thank you for your years of service to our beloved city of New York," Namath says. "I know you spent many a football Sunday with the kids and make sure they're wearing the green and white, OK? I also know you are a wonderful father and great role model. So, man, from one dad to another, I want to wish you an early Happy Father's Day, and go Jets!"

A positively ebullient Mack, watching on a screen in the firehouse, pumps his fist and exclaims, "Joe Willie!" Mack was invited to sit in a luxury suite at the Jets' game against the Chicago Bears and he will receive a tour of the Florham Park facility from Nick Mangold.

Anyway, you definitely want to check out the video. You might want to keep a tissue handy.