Bart Scott gets emotional after win

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Although Jets coach Rex Ryan was making up to Bill Belichick after the Jets defeated the Patriots 28-21 to reach the AFC Championship Game, not everyone was working off the same script.

Caught on the field, right after the win, Jets linebacker Bart Scott buried the Patriots as completely as Ryan buried the game ball after the 45-3 loss on Dec. 6.

"Felt great," said Scott, with a voice loud and gruff enough to pierce the cold air. "Poetic justice. We knew we were a much better team than we represented ourselves."

ESPN’s Sal Paolantonio, who got Scott on camera, asked Scott why the Jets had been playing with so much anger.

"For all, you know, non-believers," Scott told him. "Disrespect us, talk crap about the defense — like we ain't the third-best defense in the league — all we hear is about their defense. They can't stop a nosebleed, 25th in the league, and we the ones that get disrespected."

The Jets defense held the Patriots without a touchdown in the first half for the first time since 2003. Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was intercepted for the first time since Week 6; David Harris picked off a pass and ran it back 58 yards.

In the locker room after the game, Scott was no more conciliatory. He was asked what he meant when he insinuated he’d go after Wes Welker after the Patriots wide receiver conducted an interview where references to the Ryan family’s foot-fetish fiasco were subtly sewn in to each of his responses.

"I meant I was going to try to take my helmet and ram it through his chest," Scott said. "I’m not a dirty player but you can get someone going man-on-man, bone on bone."

The NFL came out and said teams need to tone down the trash talk, but Scott didn’t hold back. He said he didn’t like what Welker said and had his coach’s back.

"I took offense to it," Scott said. "I stand by my words -- if I get another opportunity with him coming through the middle, I’m going to put him through the ground."