Under the spotlight: Ivory and Wilson

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. -- Each week we will select two players on the New York Jets -- one on offense, one on defense -- that figure to play a key role in the upcoming game.

OFFENSE: Chris Ivory, running back -- The Green Bay Packers missed 17 tackles last week against the Seattle Seahawks, struggling to bring down Marshawn Lynch, who rushed for 110 yards -- including 40 after initial contact. Ivory is the Jets' version of Lynch, sans the Skittles. Ivory is a strong, violent runner who likes to inflict punishment on would-be tacklers. And, as he showed last week with his 71-yard touchdown run, he has some pretty good giddy-up for a 222-pound man. For the Jets to upset the Packers, they'll need another monster day on the ground, and that means a heavy dose of Ivory.

DEFENSE: Kyle Wilson, nickelback -- Everybody is focusing on the Jets' beleaguered cornerbacks and their massive challenge against wide receiver Jordy Nelson, but let's not forget the Packers have an explosive slot receiver in Randall Cobb. That assignment goes to Wilson, the longtime nickelback whose performances over the years have ranged from poor to solid. It'll be Wilson versus Cobb all day, as Cobb rarely ventures outside the slot. In the opener, he ran 33 pass routes -- 19 from the left slot, 14 from the right slot, according to ESPN Stats & Information. He was targeted nine times and finished with six catches for 58 yards and a touchdown.