Jets mailbag: Time to unleash Amaro?

You've got questions about the New York Jets, I've got answers:

@RichCimini: You're absolutely right. I thought he'd be more of a factor last week, figuring the wide receivers would have a tough time against the Green Bay Packers' cornerbacks, who are pretty good. Jace Amaro was prominent in the game plan, but he ended up with only one target. Clearly, the Jets have to diversify the passing attack, and that could happen Monday night, especially with Eric Decker (hamstring) a question mark. Amaro has played only 30 percent of the offensive snaps. There could be two reasons for that: He still doesn't know the offense and/or Marty Mornhinweg still is trying to find a niche for him.

@RichCimini: They haven't used it enough to take Geno Smith out of rhythm. In terms of Michael Vick, they've used him for five plays -- three in the Wildcat, two as a slot receiver. Those five plays have produced a net of zero yards -- a Tebow-esque number. That fourth-quarter play against the Packers, resulting in a sack, was a brutal call. If it's any consolation, Vick said he doesn't think it'll happen Monday night against the Chicago Bears. I think Vick is on your side on this one: He's not a fan of it, either.

@RichCimini: It's a fair question, Charlie. They absolutely need a cornerback because there are no proven commodities at the position, and that has to be a scary thought for Rex Ryan. Bilal Powell is an average running back who will be a free agent after the season, so I don't think he has much trade value. The players with the most trade value are Vick (the St. Louis Rams?) and nose tackle Damon Harrison (only $570,000 base salary), but I can't see them being traded. They'd have to deal a premium draft pick to get a decent corner, and there aren't many teams, if any, looking to dump good corners.

@RichCimini: Dude, that game is only eight days away, so there's no chance Dee Milliner will be healthy. Come to think of it, he might be in worse shape, considering the news that broke Friday out of Jets camp. He has developed tightness in his quadriceps, forcing him to miss Friday's practice. So now he has a tight quad and a bum ankle. Based on his early track record, and his career at Alabama, Milliner could be one those guys who's always nicked up.

@RichCimini: You're a funny man, Christopher, but there's a lot of truth in what you say. As I wrote the other day, Marty Mornhinweg panicked in that situation instead of trusting Geno Smith to get the players lined up correctly, which he did. Mornhinweg took the heat, which you'd expect a coach to do. If he hadn't accepted responsibility, he would've been hanging Sheldon Richardson out to dry. I'll tell you one thing: Mornhinweg had better be on his game Monday night, because you know the ESPN cameras will be on him.