Rex learned a lesson about cursing fans; he hopes Geno Smith does the same

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. -- Rex Ryan huddled with Geno Smith Monday to discuss the quarterback's postgame F-bomb, directed at a heckler behind the New York Jets' bench. You might say Ryan and Smith are the F Troop.

"Unfortunately, I've made the same mistake," Ryan told reporters, alluding to the incident three years ago in which he yelled the same profanity at a fan.

Ryan didn't come down hard on Smith, saying both players and fans get frustrated when the team isn't winning. But the coach also said, "It's still not appropriate to lash out. ... Geno, up until this point, has done a great job of that, but he's clearly got to learn from it. Obviously, it's something I regret when I did it, and I know Geno is the same way."

Ryan doesn't believe the emotional outburst is an indication that Smith is letting the pressure get into his head. He chalked it up to frustration.

Smith's expletive will be costly. He knows that, and he's prepared to accept the penalty.

"What I did was not right and I'm subject to a fine," he said Monday. "Whatever the consequences are, I will accept it."

According to the NFL, any player involved in unsportsmanlike conduct toward a fan is subject to a fine. A first-time offender is fined $11,025, per the league's fine schedule.

Smith lost his cool moments after the Jets' 24-17 loss to the Detroit Lions, responding to a heckler behind the Jets' bench at MetLife Stadium. As he walked off the field after another multiple-turnover performance, Smith yelled at the fan, "F--- you!" It was caught on camera by WCBS 2 New York. He apologized after the game, but refused to say what the fan said to him.

Smith said Ryan spoke to him about the incident. Ryan, of course, did the same thing in 2011, when he shouted the same profanity at a fan. He was fined $75,000.

Smith said Ryan didn't mention his own transgression during their conversation.

"The thing he told me was, it can't happen," Smith said. "I'm fully aware of that, and I've apologized for it. It won't happen again.

"I should've never let that situation escalate that far. I've got to do a better job with that and I understand that."