Bill Parcells says he wouldn't bench Geno Smith for missing meeting

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. -- Hall of Fame coach Bill Parcells sided with Rex Ryan, not Herm Edwards, on the Geno Smith missed-meeting debate. Parcells said he wouldn't have benched Smith for failing to show for the team meeting last Saturday night in San Diego.

"I don’t think that was a big deal," Parcells said Thursday on "The Michael Kay Show" on ESPN New York 98.7 FM.

"It was probably an inadvertent mistake, and that can happen every once in a while," Parcells said. "And they have fines in place for players that miss meetings. Now, I wouldn’t have liked it, but I don’t think it’s that big a deal.”

The former New York Jets and New York Giants coach said he couldn't recall one of his quarterbacks missing a meeting. Another former Jets coach, Herm Edwards, was critical of Ryan's decision to play Smith in San Diego. Edwards, an ESPN analyst, said he would've handed Smith a clipboard.

Parcells wasn't as forgiving in regard to Michael Vick and Demario Davis. Asked about Vick's admission that he wasn't prepared for the game, Parcells said, "He should be ready to play, but that doesn't surprise me."

"Tuna" isn't a Vick fan.

"I certainly don't think he's the answer to their problems," he said. "I think Mike was a pretty good player for a while, but if you look at his history, it has been just OK, certainly nothing spectacular."

Not surprisingly, Parcells didn't endorse Davis' headline-making remarks. After the game, the Jets linebacker questioned the team's practice and film-study habits, saying he needed to do a better job of leading.

Asked how he'd handle something like that, Parcells said, "I'd tell him to shut up and do his job."

Vintage Parcells.