Jets mailbag: Time to turn up the heat on Marty Mornhinweg?

Our traditional Saturday-morning post (unless you're on Geno Time): your questions about the New York Jets:

@RichCimini: You raise an excellent point because -- let's be honest -- the product on the field hasn't been good. Mornhinweg isn't getting ripped (yet) because of the other controversies surrounding the team. I think Mornhinweg is a solid coordinator, but eight touchdowns in five games? That stinks. Funny, but it started going south right around the timeout fiasco in Week 2. It all starts with Geno Smith. Mornhinweg will be measured by Smith's progress -- or lack thereof -- and the young quarterback has regressed. Look, we know Smith has his limitations, and we know the talent at receiver is suspect, but Mornhinweg has to do a better job of helping him. Watching the all-22 tape of last week's game, I noticed a few plays in which every receiver ran a vertical route, leaving Smith no check-down options when he got into trouble. No one expects the Jets to be the Denver Broncos, but you expect them to cross midfield on occasion.

@RichCimini: You're right, Charlie, teams are permitted to roll over unused cap space. Right now, the Jets have about $21 million in space and only $86.6 million committed to the 2015 cap. Even if the cap remains flat at $133 million -- unlikely -- we're talking about an absurd amount of cap room, about $67 million (if they utilize the complete rollover). Let me warn you, though: This doesn't mean they will go on a wild spending spree. They will use the money on their own players (Muhammad Wilkerson, David Harris, Jeremy Kerley), buy a prominent free agent or two and continue to build through the draft. That's the Idzik model. But also remember this: From 2013 to 2017, teams are required to spend at least 89 percent of their cap, which means Idzik -- as much as it might pain him -- will have to spend more in 2015 and 2016 than he did this year.

@RichCimini: Obviously, you are referring to Ryan's comments on the radio, saying he expects to be fired if the team doesn't turn it around. He's right, he will be fired, barring a 180 degree turn. But there is no chance they will hire Jim Harbaugh. First of all, I don't think Harbaugh would be interested in the Jets. Secondly, Idzik probably would hire someone he knows from a previous stop. That's why I think Seattle Seahawks defensive coordinator Dan Quinn would be the leading candidate.

@RichCimini: Keep dreaming, Matt. The Dallas Cowboys aren't going to let Dez Bryant hit the open market, and I'm not sure the Jets would be interested. I can't see Idzik giving the top-of-the-market contract to one player, especially after giving Eric Decker a big deal. He has to do something at receiver, though, because all he has under contract in '15 are Decker and young kids. And let me tell you, Shaq Evans and Quincy Enunwa aren't short-term answers.

@RichCimini: Can't see that happening, Greg, and you know why? Because it would mean Woody Johnson admitting it was a mistake to hire Idzik, and billionaires don't like to admit when they're wrong. A general manager doesn't get canned after only two years unless there are extenuating circumstances. Make no mistake, Johnson put his trust in Idzik when he hired him. Look at Johnson's track record: Terry Bradway got five years and Mike Tannenbaum got seven. If the team continues to go south, it'll be, "Adios, Rex," and Idzik will get to hire his own coach, re-starting his own job clock.