Game review: 11 missed tackles

After a thorough breakdown of the game tape by ESPNNewYork.com, it was determined that the New York Jets missed 11 tackles in the AFC Championship Game -- all in the first half. Those missed tackles allowed the Pittsburgh Steelers to gain 105 yards after initial contact, nearly half of their first-half output (231 total yards).

No team should miss 11 tackles in a game, let alone a half -- let alone in a title game. Why? Everybody's favorite reason was the lack of intensity; several players acknowledged the team came out flat. The Steelers also hammered the Jets with a three-tight end package, using two tight ends in the backfield with RB Rashard Mendenhall.

In the second quarter, the Steelers changed it up, gashing the Jets for two big runs in nickel personnel -- a 35-yard run by Mendenhall (David Harris missed him after two yards) and a 13-yard run by Isaac Redman (misses by Sione Pouha and Eric Smith).

Bart (Can't Wait) Scott played one of his worst games as a Jet. Not only did he miss four tackles, but he took a false step on Ben Roethlisberger's next-to-last completion -- the 14-yarder to Heath Miller. Scott came free on a blitz, but bit inside on the play fake, allowing Roethlisberger to break outside to his right. It bought Big Ben an extra second to complete the throw.

Here's an unofficial breakdown of the players that missed tackles and the amount of extra yards that resulted:

LB Bart Scott -- 4 for 22 yards (including Mendenhall's 1-yard TD run)

NT Sione Pouha -- 3 for 20 yards

LB David Harris -- 1 for 33 yards

S Brodney Pool -- 1 for 17 yards (on a pass play)

DT Trevor Pryce -- 1 for 6 yards.

S Eric Smith -- 1 for 7 yards

Totals: 11 for 105 yards