Jets mailbag: Already looking ahead to a top draft pick

After a one-week hiatus, the mailbag is back. Your questions on the New York Jets:

@RichCimini: I don't think they'll end up with the No. 1 pick -- hello, Oakland Raiders -- but the Jets certainly could be in the top 5. The obvious needs are quarterback, wide receiver and cornerback. If you're picking that high and you don't have a franchise quarterback, it has to be on the radar. The prize, of course, is Marcus Mariota, who currently holds the No. 1 spot on Mel Kiper's latest Big Board. The big pre-draft story will be Jameis Winston, assuming he turns pro. So talented, yet so many concerns. I can see it now: You'll be reading a lot of Jets-Jameis speculation in the spring. If they can't secure a top quarterback, the Jets need speed -- a stud playmaker on the offensive or defensive perimeter. Alabama wide receiver Amari Cooper is a name to watch.

@RichCimini: It's a great question, Henry. The very nature of Percy Harvin's role (the Seattle version) requires you to feed him the ball, meaning it takes a concerted effort -- dialing up screens and running plays designed for him. In Seattle, he didn't get the ball in the natural flow of the offense as a conventional wide receiver. The Jets believe they can take him out of the slot and make him a downfield threat. We'll see. I'm skeptical. Chances are, it will be a balancing act. The Jets want to get him enough touches, but they also don't want to forget about everyone else. You know what I have to say about that? Change might be good. It's not like they'd be disrupting the "Greatest Show on Turf."

@RichCimini: I wouldn't call Chris Johnson a bust. I think "disappointment" is a better way to put it. He's averaging a respectable 4.1 yards per rush (29th), but there haven't been many splash plays. He had the 35-yard touchdown run, and that's about it. I thought he'd be a bigger factor as a receiver and better in space, but that hasn't materialized. Part of it could be the way they're using him, mostly on inside runs. I'm sure he's still learning the nuances of the Jets' system, but the lighting speed that made him a household name in Tennessee hasn't been there. For 2015, they need to acquire a speed back to pair with Ivory. Powell is set to become a free agent.

@RichCimini: The Jets apparently don't share your opinion, and I agree with them. I don't see Jeremy Kerley, he of the four-year, $14 million contract extension, as an outside receiver. In fact, 15 of his 22 receptions have come from the slot, per ESPN Stats & Information. He has run 39 routes as an outside receiver, with seven catches, but many of those are quick screens. I think his best spot is in the slot.

@RichCimini: You're right, the Buffalo Bills are very good against the run. They also rush the passer. The best way to neutralize a good pass rush is with screen passes or quick throws to the wideouts -- you know, get the ball in the hands of a playmaker outside the box. Gee, I wonder if the Jets have a guy like that. Who could play that role? Hmm.