Happy Harvin 'at peace' with Jets

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. -- It's easy to understand why the New York Jets like Percy Harvin.

But why does Percy Harvin like the Jets?

The midseason trade from the Seattle Seahawks to the Jets took Harvin from a team that won the Super Bowl to a team whose Super Bowl was a Week 10 win that ended an eight-game losing streak.

Percy Harvin

Percy Harvin

#16 WR
New York Jets

2014 STATS

  • Rec39
  • Yds307

  • TD0

  • Avg7.9

  • Long42

  • YAC212

Guess which team Harvin prefers.

He wouldn't directly say it Tuesday, declining to comment at all on the Seahawks. But all you had to do was listen to him talk about the Jets to understand what he was saying.

"I'm at peace," said Harvin, who reportedly spent some of his time in Seattle at war with a few of his teammates.

The Jets have accepted Harvin, who not only has 174 receiving yards (the most of any Jet in his three games with the team), but has also by all reports been an outstanding teammate.

"The things that have been put out there about him, the things that have been said, we don't see it," quarterback Michael Vick said.

It's only three weeks, but the Jets believe the addition of Harvin has helped their offense, just as the move to start Vick instead of Geno Smith has helped. Harvin is already talking to teammates about next year, and how a strong finish this year might help.

That kind of talk is understandable, because the 2-8 Jets certainly can't talk about a playoff push. This isn't Seattle.

Harvin, it seems, would rather be here.

"I absolutely like it," he said. "I'm enjoying myself. My family is loving it. I'm loving the teammates. It's all been good. It's been very smooth."

Harvin said his family can tell how happy he is here, just from the sound of his voice when they call.

"I'm just at peace," he said. "I'm just able to come in and play football and not worry about the outside stuff. I'm loving it right now. It's been all peace, and all good for me.

"I'm all good."

Who knew that anyone could find peace with the Jets? Who knew that anyone would consider the Jets an oasis, free of outside distractions?

Who needs Super Bowls?

Percy Harvin has the Jets, and he's all good.