Rex Ryan orders mental, not physical break during Jets bye

Rex Ryan will spend the break with his father. Jason Babin will meet up with his family, and then become the newest member of Western Michigan University's athletic Hall of Fame.

Marcus Williams will just try to stay warm.

The New York Jets have scattered to all parts for the rest of this week, with Ryan's admonition in their ears. Before the players left for what remains of the bye week, they heard their head coach tell them to take a mental break but not a physical one.

"A Navy SEAL told me once what it's like for them when they go away and come back," Ryan said. "He told me it's like jumping on a fast-moving train. So I used that with our guys. When you get back, we're right back into it, and you've got to be ready to handle it."

Ryan's Jet teams haven't done a good job handling the bye week in the past, going 1-4 in the first game after the bye in Ryan's first five seasons. Ryan switched up the schedule this week in hopes of changing that, but the Jets know that an extra day of bye-week practice by itself isn't much.

"We haven't been good after the bye," linebacker Calvin Pace said. "We have to change that."

Not all of them will leave town, but many were heading out immediately after Wednesday's quick practice.

That includes Babin, who was flying to see his family in Chicago, then driving to Kalamazoo, Michigan, for the Friday Hall of Fame ceremony.

"They've been calling for snow, so my mom's worried about me driving," Babin said. "I'm telling her, 'Mom, I'm 34, I'll be OK.'"

Williams, the rookie cornerback from North Dakota State, has bigger weather concerns. He's heading to see his parents in Minneapolis, where it's been snowing and the temperatures are expected to drop into single digits.

"I mean, I'm used to it," Williams said. "But I know I've got to bundle up."

By Monday, he and his teammates will be back on the practice field in Florham Park.

"The big thing is to see how we come off the bye," Ryan said.

They'll try to jump on the fast-moving train. And then they'll hope the train isn't heading downhill.