Jets QB Michael Vick relishes starting again

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. -- The last time the Jets played the Bills, Geno Smith threw three interceptions in the first quarter and Michael Vick replaced him. The Jets lost that game on Oct. 26, 43-23, and Vick couldn't help but wonder if he'd be kept on the first team.

"I walked off the field with mixed emotions," Vick said. "I think the only thing I could think about was the mistakes I made. Was I going to get an opportunity to do it again? I kind of felt like I would because there were some good things that I did, but ultimately the turnovers overrode everything. I was just glad I got a chance to start against Kansas City and I just really wanted to take advantage of it."

Vick will start this week as the Jets head to Buffalo for the rematch. In the weeks since taking over, Vick has had some time to reflect, and be grateful to be here after 12 years in the NFL.

"I've embraced each and every day," Vick said. "Not just the games, not practice, the meetings, travel the preparation -- everything that came along with it. I didn't know if I'd ever have this chance again. I don't want to let my teammates down, I don't want to let myself down. Set high expectations for myself and I'm just trying to fulfill that and have fun doing it as the same time."

Vick came to the Jets in the offseason, after losing the starting job in Philadelphia to Nick Foles. When he got here, with Smith ordained as the starter in all but name, Vick had to adjust to being a backup.

"I miss it man," Vick said. "I miss everything about playing the quarterback position everything about the week of preparation, everything about game day, being with the guys -- helping them get better, helping to understand one another, creating understanding in the film room. Everything that goes along that goes along with this position is difficult and I think I just like the challenge. I look for to each and every day I get up and one thing I'll never do is never take it for granted again."

Vick hasn't played error-free football, but said every quarterback deals with those small failures in a game, but offense is just one part of the game.

"Reality of it in the NFL you're going to turn the ball over," Vick said. "Can you overcome? Can you compete on both side on a regular basis?"

But Vick feels that his interceptions are a problem that has been addressed.

"I knew that could be curbed," Vick said. "I mean I've turned the ball over in the past but I never felt I was the guy who'd come out and throw three picks in a game. Playing this position is hard, things happen and I'm not perfect I did a lot of good things, a lot of things that I didn't do so well. I just keep plugging a way keep going and I know go out and play the game. I know what it takes to win I know if you turn the ball over you're not going to win so that's always in the front of my mind."

Given the Jets 2-8 season, there is no guarantee that Vick will be able to start next year, for the Jets or anyone else, but he's already determined that as long as he is starting, he will relish the experience.