A disconnect between Jets head coach and offensive coordinator?

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. -- Everybody is focusing on the perceived disconnect between Rex Ryan and general manager John Idzik, but what about Ryan and offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg?

This was an odd-couple marriage from Day 1, the Ground & Pound head coach hiring a play caller known for his pass-happy ways. The difference in philosophy wasn't an issue last season because the New York Jets, for the most part, maintained their run-first approach, finishing on an upbeat note at 8-8.

It has been a different story this season. Not only have they lost their identity, but the Jets are just plain lost on offense.

Now Ryan wants to get back to their roots, running the football. He acknowledged they abandoned the run in certain games this season, particularly in Monday night's 38-3 loss to the Buffalo Bills.

"I know one thing ... we know we need to run the football," Ryan said Wednesday. "For our team to have success, we need to run the football. Maybe other teams can throw it 50 times a game. That is not the blueprint for us."

A not-so-subtle message to Mornhinweg, perhaps?

Ryan is right on. Unfortunately for him, it's too late to change the complexion of the season and save his job. Maybe it's pointless to bring it up at this point, but it underscores how the organization isn't always on the same page.

On Monday night, the Bills dared the Jets to run by playing a Cover-2 look on defense -- two deep safeties. It was a wrinkle by the Bills, who usually employ a single safety in the deep middle. Facing a lighter-than-usual box, the Jets should've pounded the rock. Instead, their run-pass ratio in the first half was 10 to 18. In the second half, they came out throwing and took a costly sack, forcing a punt from deep in their own territory. And you know how that turned out -- it was blocked and recovered for a touchdown. It was 24-3. Game over.

In retrospect, Ryan admitted, "Yeah, we should have run more. I think when you look at it, it's easy to say now because what would have been the end result? It's surely going to be better than how it ended up, so I can see it that way."

Ryan explained the pass-minded approach, noting how they almost burned the Bills with a deep ball in the final seconds of the first half. That, of course, was the failed connection between Michael Vick and a wide-open Eric Decker, who broke free because of a busted coverage. That tricked the Jets into thinking they could throw on them.

This much seems certain: The Jets will try to establish their running game Monday night against the Miami Dolphins. It's a virtual mandate from Ryan.

"We want to run the ball," he said. "One thing we know we can do, we can run it against anybody."

Capisce, Marty?