Marty Mornhinweg on Geno Smith: 'This isn't about flashing' talent

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. -- Marty Mornhinweg left the distinct impression Thursday that he didn't love Geno Smith's "Pro Bowl" quote.

"We've all got to do better," said the New York Jets' offensive coordinator, who was asked to give his reaction. "We all have to play better and we have to coach better. We'll leave it at that."

For those who missed it, Smith said earlier this week he has "shown flashes of being a Pro Bowl quarterback." He took a lot of grief for the comment, mostly from fans and media. He wasn't proclaiming himself a Pro Bowl quarterback, but rather a young, inconsistent player who has played well in spurts. Nevertheless, it was a poor choice of words. He had to know the words "Pro Bowl" would end up in a headline.

Pressed, Mornhinweg elaborated -- a little.

"He certainly has shown flashes of playing well," he said. "Like I said, we all have to play better. This isn't about flashing or anything. We've got to play better. Everything we do has to be better. That takes hard work, it takes preparation, it takes a certain mentality."

Translation: Stop talking, Geno, and start playing better.