A mind-boggling perspective on Gholston

Former first-round pick Vernon Gholston has been informed that he will be released, ending a three-year run with the Jets in which he recorded no sacks. Even the infamous Ron Faurot, a first-round bust from 1984, managed two sacks in his two years with the Jets.

To put Gholston's oh-fer in perspective, we called on John Fisher of ESPN Stats and Information, who culled these fascinating nuggets (we ran something similar late in the season, but updated it):

• There have been 3,267 regular-season sacks since the beginning of 2008 -- and 134 postseason sacks -- and Gholston has none of them.

• Since the beginning of 2008, 617 players have at least one sack and 649 players have at least a half-sack.

• Since the beginning of 2008, 117 undrafted players have at least a half-sack.

In case you forgot, Gholston was the sixth overall pick in the 2008 draft.