Jets' final playing-time breakdown: QB/RB

With the 2014 season in the books, it's time for our annual playing-time analysis, covering 16 games:

Total offensive snaps: 1,088


Geno Smith -- 816 snaps/75 percent

Michael Vick -- 272 snaps/25 percent

Matt Simms -- 11 snaps/1 percent

Analysis: Because of his three-game benching, Smith ended up playing fewer snaps than his rookie season. Some might not want to admit it, but he played better than a year ago. As a rookie, he averaged one turnover every 39.4 snaps. In 2014, it was one for every 51 snaps -- a fairly significant improvement. Smith was a better quarterback after his benching; maybe he learned something by watching. Consider: In the last five games, his Total QBR was 49.8, which is considered average -- 19th in the league over that span. Average is better than bottom of the pile, which is where he was after his first eight starts. ... Vick made $14,706 per snap -- good work if you can get it. He never appeared totally invested in the team or the season.

Running back

Chris Ivory -- 452 snaps/42 percent

Chris Johnson -- 399 snaps/37 percent

Bilal Powell -- 238 snaps/22 percent

John Conner -- 156 snaps/14 percent

Tommy Bohanon -- 54 snaps/5 percent

Sheldon Richardson -- 3 snaps/0.2 percent

Analysis: The Ivory-Johnson time share was pretty much down the middle for the entire season. In fact, it was 207 snaps to 205 over the final eight games, respectively. It was a frustrating year for both backs because neither one had the chance to become The Guy, but you can't argue with the results. The Jets finished third in rushing and neither Ivory nor Johnson missed a game due to injury. ... Powell's playing time was way down compared to 2013, as he was limited mostly to the third-down role. ... Conner was a solid pick-up after Bohanon went down with a broken collarbone. ... Richardson didn't get much of a chance to do the two-way, J.J. Watt thing.