Should Jets be worried about Rex Ryan in Buffalo? Not really

At 10:01 a.m., it became official: Rex Ryan is the coach of the Buffalo Bills, the team announced.

The Bills-New York Jets rivalry just got interesting, but it's rather amusing to hear people say the Jets should be worried because Ryan is staying in the division. Worried about what, exactly?

Will he turn the Bills into an elite defensive team? They already are. They finished fourth in total defense.

Will he turn EJ Manuel into a winning quarterback? Ryan's track record with young quarterbacks leaves a lot to be desired. (Prediction: Look for Ryan's tattoo guy, Mark Sanchez, to turn up in Buffalo. He's a free agent.)

Will Ryan's presence suddenly tilt the rivalry in the Bills' favor? It's already there, as the Bills have won the past three meetings by a combined score of 118-40.

So, no, I don't think the Jets are worried about losing a 46-50 coach to an AFC East rival. Ryan will elevate the entertainment value of the Jets-Bills rivalry, and he will energize the players and fan base in Buffalo, but it's not a game-changer in the division.

Yes, the Jets will lose some assistant coaches to Buffalo, most notably defensive coordinator Dennis Thurman, but those coaches probably wouldn't have stayed anyway under the new coach. Ryan could bite the Jets in free agency if he signs linebacker David Harris, but life will go on.

Another prediction: Jets versus Bills on opening day.