Sunday notes: Todd Bowles not intimidated by Jets' QB situation

A look at what's going on around and inside the New York Jets:

1. Glutton for punishment? The quarterback question is sure to come up this week at Todd Bowles' introductory news conference. Why did Bowles pick Geno Smith over Matt Ryan? If he had a shot at the Atlanta Falcons' job, as some believe, Bowles could've walked into a stable quarterback situation. Now he steps into quarterback uncertainty, and we all know what happens to coaches in that situation: They get fired. Ask Rex Ryan.

Bowles has told friends he's not worried because, as one league source said, "He's used to being on teams without quarterbacks" -- meaning good quarterbacks who stay healthy. In his last six seasons as an assistant coach, covering time with the Miami Dolphins, Philadelphia Eagles and Arizona Cardinals, Bowles had nine different starting quarterbacks, from Chad Pennington to Ryan Lindley. The wildest year, of course, was 2014. Because of injuries, the Cards started Carson Palmer, Drew Stanton and Lindley. The only normal year was 2013, when Palmer started every game.

This should prepare Bowles for the inevitable quarterback controversy. He'll feel right at home.

2. The anti-Rex: It's not that he was down on Ryan's disciplinary methods, but owner Woody Johnson wanted a coach who could raise the level of accountability in the building. He believes he found that coach in Bowles. Let's be clear: Bowles is no dictator, but he's said to be more serious and low-key than the excitable Ryan. I think Ryan got a bad rap because I don't think the inmates ran the asylum, but there were a few instances last season in which he looked the other way -- most notably when Smith missed a team meeting on the eve of a game and when Sheldon Richardson called an offensive timeout from the sideline. One opposing coach told me he was stunned how many times the coaching staff let Percy Harvin return kickoffs that were 8 or 9 yards deep in the end zone. Little stuff like that adds up. Obviously, Johnson noticed.

3. Don't pull an Idzik: Memo to new GM Mike Maccagnan: Get your new coach some cornerbacks. Bowles runs a blitz-heavy defense, predicated on the corners being able to hold up in man coverage. Right now, the Jets don't have the personnel.

4. A place for Ivory? Curious to see how (or if) Chris Ivory fits into Chan Gailey's one-back, spread offense -- if he decides to install the same system he used in his last coaching job. Because of his punishing, downhill running style, Ivory has been described as a poor man's Marshawn Lynch, which is interesting because Gailey had the real Lynch while with the Buffalo Bills -- briefly. Lynch was traded to the Seattle Seahawks a few weeks into Gailey's first season in Buffalo in 2010. Ideally, you want a running back who can make plays in space in a spread attack. That's not Ivory's strength. That's why the Bills' C.J. Spiller, who enjoyed his best season under Gailey, probably will be an attractive free agent.

5. A sounding board: Gailey should be good for Bowles because he has a lot of head-coaching experience -- and Bowles doesn't. Gailey was a head coach with the Dallas Cowboys, Georgia Tech and the Bills spanning 11 seasons. Bill Cowher knows what it means to have a seasoned coach. During his early days with the Pittsburgh Steelers, he leaned on graybeards Dick Hoke and Ron Erhardt.

"Things come up that you're dealing with, and it's nice to go to someone to lean on, and talk to, someone who has been there before," said Cowher, who had Gailey on his staff from 1994 to 1997. "I think Chan is that type of guy. He's selfless, loyal and he'll be a great resource for Todd."

6. Not to be confused with Geno Smith: The Jets are poised to hire former Jacksonville Jaguars GM Gene Smith for a front-office position, probably working closely with Maccagnan. Smith had an inglorious run as the Jaguars' boss, drafting quarterback Blaine Gabbert (brutal) and a punter in the third round (Bryan Anger, 2012), but at least one longtime executive thinks he'd be a good fit for the Jets.

"His record wasn't great as the top guy, but he's a good bricklayer, a hard worker," the executive said. "I think he'd be a good assistant GM. I think he'd be good for Mike."

7. Dee-fense! So much for the theory that offensively challenged teams (see: Jets) should hire offensive-minded head coaches. Five of the seven head-coaching vacancies have been filled by defensive coaches -- Bowles, Ryan (Bills), Jack Del Rio (Oakland Raiders), Jim Tomsula (San Francisco 49ers) and John Fox (Chicago Bears). It should be noted that all five teams ranked in the bottom third in total offense. Hey, if you can't beat 'em, stop 'em. The Denver Broncos could break the trend by hiring Gary Kubiak.

8. It's a small world, after all: The Jets' new QB guru (Gailey) has something in common with the old one (David Lee). In 1970, they were the most highly recruited quarterbacks in the South, Gailey from Americus, Georgia, Lee from Pensacola, Florida. Florida State recruited them both. The recruiter was Dan Henning, who met his lifelong friend -- Bill Parcells -- when they were both assistants at Florida State. Later in coaching, Parcells became close with Lee. Parcells also became a mentor to Bowles, who's letting Gailey run his offense. You get all that? P.S.: Henning didn't land either recruit. Gailey and Lee went to Florida and Vanderbilt, respectively.

8a. Florham Park to Orchard Park: Lee is expected to join Ryan's staff as the quarterbacks coach, becoming the latest former Jets assistant to head north. This is hardly a surprise. So Lee goes from Smith to EJ Manuel. Good luck. Manuel's alma mater? Florida State.

9. Terry's tout: Former GM and scouting executive Terry Bradway, fired Friday by Maccagnan, took a lot of heat during his 14-year run with the Jets, but give him credit for this: He recognized that Russell Wilson would be a special player. Leading into the 2012 draft, he lobbied hard for the Jets to pick Wilson. Bradway was such a Wilson supporter that his nickname at One Jets Drive became Russell Bradway. As it turned out, Wilson was taken 75th overall, two spots ahead of where the Jets selected linebacker Demario Davis in the third round. Imagine how things would've been different if they had listened to him.

10. Championship game predictions: I like an upset in the AFC -- Indianapolis Colts 24, New England Patriots 21. I think the Colts' corners can neutralize the Patriots' wide receivers with press-man coverage, allowing them to double Rob Gronkowski in the middle of the field. In the NFC, I'll go with the chalk pick -- Seattle Seahawks 31, Green Bay Packers 21. It's too bad Aaron Rodgers isn't healthy.