David Letterman tweaks Pete Carroll, Jets

Tough times for Pete Carroll.

In addition to a torrent of national criticism, the Seattle Seahawk's coach was the subject of the top 10 list Monday night on the "Late Show." David Letterman's writers took two nightmarish chapters in Carroll's career -- the play call at the end of Super Bowl XLIX and his brief tenure as coach of the New York Jets -- and combined them into one zinger.

Letterman read the top 10 reasons for calling a pass play on second down from the 1-yard line, and the No. 1 reason was: "Wanted to remember what it felt like to coach the Jets."

Ouch. Carroll, of course, went 6-10 that year, 1994.

It got me thinking: Back then, did Carroll experience any game situations similar to what occurred Sunday night? Not exactly, but there was a particularly maddening finish in which Carroll forgot about the running game in crunch time.

It was Nov. 13 at Lambeau Field. The Jets trailed the Green Bay Packers, 17-10. They had the ball at the Packers' 16, with 1:26 on the clock and two timeouts remaining -- an eternity.

The Jets turned it over on downs after four straight passes, including a fourth-down incompletion from the 9 to Rob Moore in the end zone. No, they didn't have a Marshawn Lynch-caliber player in their backfield, but that was no excuse for throwing seven consecutive passes once they got inside the 28.

In case you're wondering, here's the rest of the Letterman list:

10. Forgot Marshawn Lynch was on the team.

9. Pass on 2nd down? I was joking!

8. Had that damn avocado jingle stuck in my head.

7. Didn't want to upset Gisele Bundchen.

6. Too much pre-game weed

5. Just wanted to see Bill Belichick's dazzling smile.

4. Uh ... wind shear.

3. Patriots cheated by having a better coach.

2. We'll get 'em next week.