Darrelle Revis' contract welcomes back 24 to the 212

The New York Jets are happy Darrelle Revis is home, so happy they chose to create a numerical "Welcome Home" greeting in his contract.

Revis' reported deal is $70 million for five years, which averages $14 million per year. In reality, the average is $14,024,212, according to a source.

Obviously, the "24" represents his uniform number, and the "212" ... you guessed it, it's the New York City area code.

The clever idea was the brainchild of Jacqueline Davidson, the Jets' manager of football administration. She was the point person in the negotiations. Her familiarity with Revis' agents, whose history with the organization is filled with acrimony, helped get the deal done.

Davidson is the lone front-office holdover from Revis' first contract negotiation, his rookie deal in 2007. Back then, she worked under general manager Mike Tannenbaum, whose battles with agents Neil Schwartz and Jonathan Feinsod were back-page news. Evidently, she has figured out the right buttons to push.

Anyway, to raise the yearly average to $14,024,212, they had to add $121,060 into the deal. That amount was divided in half and added to the base salaries in the final two years, 2018 and 2019, making them an odd-looking $11,060,530 and $11,060,530.

Those salaries aren't included in the $39 million that is fully guaranteed. By 2018, Revis will be 33 years old and there's always the chance his salary will be adjusted. For now, though, it looks cool on paper.