Jets mailbag: When will Muhammad Wilkerson cash in?

Answering your New York Jets' questions in between defensive-back signings:

@RichCimini: I find it interesting that so many people are interested -- maybe concerned -- about Muhammad Wilkerson's contract situation. Relax, people. There's no sense of urgency. Let me remind you that he's under contract for another year, due to make a shade under $7 million. Does he deserve an extension? Yes, without a doubt, but the front office is tied up with free agency. I'm sure it has budgeted money for Wilkerson, and they'll get to it when they get to it, probably before the regular season. If they can't get a deal done, they can always use the franchise tag for 2016.

@RichCimini: No, I don't think they will go into the season with just Chris Ivory and Bilal Powell in the backfield. They need a speed back, a player who can threaten the perimeter, make plays in space and catch the ball. For a change, this is a deep draft for running backs, so my sense is they'll try to find that guy in the draft. They need to think of the future because both Ivory and Powell will be free agents in 2016. Let me ask a question: Could the Jets take Todd Gurley (injured) or Melvin Gordon in the first round? I can't see them doing it with the sixth pick, but what if they trade down? Just throwing it out there.

@RichCimini: Pass-rusher. They could use an edge rusher, and this draft is top-heavy with them -- Dante Fowler Jr., Randy Gregory, Shane Ray and Vic Beasley, among others. In my mind, it's a pass-rusher or Amari Cooper or Marcus Mariota. Obviously, wide receiver isn't a huge need anymore, but Cooper would be hard to pass if he falls to six.

@RichCimini: They continue to rehab their injuries. Dee Milliner (Achilles' tendon tear) is coming off the worst possible injury for a cornerback, and he likely will miss the offseason. You can't expect Milliner to return in a prominent role. The organization's approach is, anything we get is a bonus. Right now, I project him as the No. 4 corner. Dexter McDougle (knee surgery) is ahead of Milliner in terms of rehab, but he's never played a down in the NFL, not even the preseason. Basically, he has missed two straight seasons because he got hurt at Maryland. He's a total wild card. Clearly, the Jets covered themselves by signing three corners, so they can afford to let both players return at a gradual pace. Milliner was the ninth pick in the 2013 draft, so they're not going to dump him on the street.

@RichCimini: I don't believe Woody Johnson harbored any malice when he said of Darrelle Revis, "Darrelle is a great player. I'd love for Darrelle to come back." Nevertheless, it was a clear violation of the league rule, which states: "Any public or private statement of interest, qualified or unqualified, in another club's player to that player's agent or representative, or to a member of the news media, is a violation of this Anti-Tampering Policy. Example of a prohibited comment: "He's an excellent player, and we'd very much like to have him if he were available, but another club holds his rights." Johnson tried to clean it up by calling Robert Kraft to clarify his comments, but it was too late. Now that the Jets have Revis, it hurts their chances of escaping unscathed. They could lose a late-round draft pick as a penalty. They have two seventh-round picks, so don't be shocked if one of them goes bye-bye.