Jets mailbag: Philip Rivers or Drew Brees on the radar?

Taking a break from March Madness to answer your New York Jets questions:

@RichCimini: There haven't been any reports saying the Saints or Chargers are shopping Drew Brees or Philip Rivers, respectively, but it's fascinating to consider. People are speculating about Brees because he's 36 and the Saints are overhauling their roster. I'd give more credence to the Rivers scenario because he's already on record as saying he intends to play out the final year of his contract. That, coupled with a report that the Chargers are working out Marcus Mariota, makes you wonder if they might be willing to part with Rivers. Frankly, I think they'd be crazy. The Chargers own the 17th pick. If I were the Jets and I had a chance to get Rivers (still only 33) for a package that included the sixth pick, I'd absolutely do it.

@RichCimini: I think you meant six pick, not pack, but it's the weekend, so I totally understand your mindset. No, I don't think a Johnny Manziel trade will happen. The Browns won't give up on him after a year, but you raise an interesting possibility. They own the 12th and 19th picks, so the Browns have the ammunition to move up if, say, Mariota falls to the Jets. I think the Jets would consider dropping to 12th, picking up a premium pick in the process -- maybe a second-rounder or a first-rounder in 2016. It's something to watch.

@RichCimini: The Jets aren't shopping either player, but Quinton Coples is more tradeable than Dee Milliner. Right now, Milliner has no trade value, and that won't change until he gets on the field and proves he has recovered from Achilles' tendon surgery. They'd get pennies on the dollar if they traded him now, and Mike Maccagnan won't do that. Milliner has two years left on his contract, a fully guaranteed $3.7 million. Coples has one year left (a guaranteed $1.5 million), and he'd attract some interest if they put him on the market.

@RichCimini: I'm assuming you mean in the first round. I think it'll be a pass rusher, meaning a defensive end/outside linebacker hybrid. The most realistic candidates are Randy Gregory and Dante Fowler Jr., both of whom are regarded as top-10 picks. There's a good chance one of the wide receivers, Amari Cooper or Kevin White, will be there, but I can't see the Jets going in that direction after picking up Brandon Marshall. Mariota is a possibility, but I don't think he makes it to six. The Jets have strong interior rushers, but they need an edge player who can pressure the quarterback. Their current outside 'backers -- Coples, Calvin Pace and Jason Babin -- will be free agents next year, so they need to start grooming a replacement. So for now, on March 21, I say pass rusher.

@RichCimini: Yes, there's a very good chance. I'd be surprised if they don't draft a running back in the first three rounds. It's a need. They released Chris Johnson and re-signed Bilal Powell, giving them Powell, Chris Ivory and Daryl Richardson. They need a versatile, breakaway back who could help in the passing game. They also have to think of the future, as both Powell and Ivory will be free agents after the season. There are some quality backs in the draft, starting with Todd Gurley and Melvin Gordon. There are some interesting second-round possibilities, such as T.J. Yeldon, Duke Johnson and Ameer Abdullah. It was a good move to keep Powell, but their work isn't done in the backfield.