Jets coach Todd Bowles discusses his $149 million secondary

Speaking Tuesday at the league meetings in Phoenix, Todd Bowles provided his first take on the New York Jets' revamped, $149 million secondary. This is what he said:

On Darrelle Revis: "He has an impact everywhere he goes. He’s a good corner. He can play in any scheme. He’s a zone or man guy. I think he doesn’t get enough credit for his zone or his tackling or his awareness on the field. So whatever we decide to play back there, he’s very capable of doing it." (Note: Bowles said Revis can play left or right corner or match up against a specific wide receiver, depending on the opponent.)

On Antonio Cromartie: "We have this perception in the NFL that when you become 31, 32 years old, you can’t play anymore even if you can run and hit and tackle and that whole thing, and perception versus reality in this case is a little different. You can run sprints in the outfield and Cromartie’s ahead of everybody by 10 yards. He keeps himself in excellent shape, and he came in there (at Arizona) and he kept his head down and he worked. He doesn’t get enough credit for his mental intelligence as far as seeing the game and watching film, and that’s something I did not know about him coming in to Arizona. I’m sure he had something to prove, being let go for the first time with hip injuries, but he practiced every day, didn’t miss any time. And you get a guy like that back who takes care of himself, you get to a certain point in the league where you understand your body and you trust what you’re doing. I saw a lot of that with him in Arizona."

On Buster Skrine: "Buster’s quick, he’s fast and the greatest thing with Buster is he’s tougher than his size indicates. He’s a fighter, he wants to get better, he can blitz from the outside, he can cover the quick guys, he’s got long speed. He’s just feisty. You've got to have a certain mentality to play in the slot. You’re a quasi-linebacker, safety, nickel, corner ... you’ve got of kind to got to be able to do a little bit of everything, be a jack of all trades and have great awareness. Buster has very good awareness and he’s very feisty, which makes him a prime candidate to play some nickel."

On Marcus Gilchrist: "Marcus is a free safety, and Calvin [Pryor] will play strong. But Marcus is very heady. He’s got very good cover skills. He’s a lot tougher than he looks, size-wise, and he just knows how to play football. Marcus can do a lot of things. (He) can cover receiving tight ends, can cover slot receivers and, whether we want to run the corners or not run the corners, he gives us a lot of versatility from a coverage standpoint. When they flex out a running back out of the backfield, a la Reggie Bush or those types of guys, he has that ability to go out and cover. ... So he’s very versatile and he brings a lot to the table because he can do a lot of things."