Mailbag: Could this be the best Jets team of the decade?

Part II of our New York Jets' mailbag:

@RichCimini: Whoa, let's calm down. Can we let them play a game first? The Jets have a new coach, new offensive and defensive systems and a lot of new players. In other words, they have a lot of work to do. Looking at the last decade, two teams stand out, in my opinion -- 2010 and 2008. The 2010 team, which lost in the AFC Championship Game, had a terrific defense, a balanced offense and an improving quarterback, Mark Sanchez. The current team, on paper, doesn't stack up to that team, particularly on the offensive line. The 2008 team didn't make the playoffs, but it was their best offensive team of the decade because of Brett Favre -- before his arm fell off, that is. The 2004 team was excellent, too. Remember, that's the year Curtis Martin won the rushing title. If Chad Pennington hadn't wrecked his shoulder, that team might have contended for a Super Bowl.

@RichCimini: It's not about the system with Quinton Coples; it's about him finding a way to maximize his potential. Todd Bowles hasn't spelled out how he plans to use Coples, but the coach confirmed his base defense will be a 3-4. Therefore, we have to assume Coples again will be an outside linebacker, although that can be misleading. In Rex Ryan's 3-4, Coples lined up as a defensive end on 456 snaps and outside linebacker on 149 snaps, according to ESPN Stats & Information. I suspect it will be similar in Bowles' defense. This is a contract year for Coples, assuming the Jets don't exercise his fifth-year option. He has all the motivation in the world, regardless of the system.

@RichCimini: Good question. Just a hunch, but I'd say Jameis Winston for the obvious reason: They need quarterback help. I hear Bowles likes Winston, who is widely regarded as a more pro-ready prospect than Marcus Mariota. Obviously, Winston is a risk because of the off-the-field concerns, but I think the Jets would be willing to take the chance. Maybe, after fully evaluating the two quarterbacks, it would be Mariota first, Winston second. But, right now, I'll say Winston. Some people think Leonard Williams is the top player, but it's hard to imagine the Jets picking another defensive lineman.

@RichCimini: I'll say pass-rusher/outside linebacker, a guard/tackle and a running back. The wild card is quarterback. If a good one is available (see: Mariota), I'd have to change my list.