Jets mailbag, part I: Trading up for Marcus Mariota a mistake?

With so many questions leading up to the NFL draft, we'll have two New York Jets mailbags this week. Here's part I:

@RichCimini: It depends what you mean by "trading up." Would moving up to No. 2, giving up a future first-round pick (or two), be a mistake? Yes, it would. Marcus Mariota is good, but he's not that good. But what if the Jets trade up only one spot for Mariota, changing places with the Washington Redskins? The draft-pick value chart suggests a fourth-round pick as fair compensation, although it's quite likely the Redskins would demand something better. If it costs the Jets a third-round choice, you do it. That would be a sound move. If you're in love with Mariota and he's that close, go get him.

@RichCimini: No, I wouldn't be OK with that. Amari Cooper is one of the three or four best players in this draft. If it's a choice between Cooper and the best edge rusher (Dante Fowler Jr.), I'd take Fowler because of the need. But let's be honest, Cooper and Fowler won't be available. Most people think Brandon Scherff is the best offensive lineman, but you don't take him at No. 6 until you're absolutely convinced he can be a Pro Bowl right tackle. A lot of people see him as a guard, not a tackle. Big difference.

@RichCimini: I think GM Mike Maccagnan would love for this scenario to unfold. But here's the problem: It takes two to trade. What non-quarterback at No. 6 would entice another team to move up? Maybe a receiver-needy team such as the Chicago Bears (No. 7) or St. Louis Rams (No. 10) would want to move up for Kevin White. That's the only thing I could see happening. In that case, I could see the Jets dropping down and picking up an extra draft pick.

@RichCimini: There's a better chance of Mel Kiper Jr. showing up on draft night with bleach-blond hair than the Jets dealing Muhammad Wilkerson. I understand why you're asking the question (only one year left on his contract, not participating in the offseason program), but it would make no sense. Todd Bowles is a defensive-minded coach, which means the Jets will be a defensive-oriented team. They have three elite players on defense -- Wilkerson, Sheldon Richardson and Darrelle Revis. You don't trade an elite player unless there's absolutely zero chance of re-signing him (see: Revis, 2013). The Jets will get a deal done with Wilkerson. Be patient.