Did Buster Skrine say the Jets have a 'Dream Team' on defense?

Oh, Buster.

In an interview with SI.com's Don Banks, New York Jets cornerback Buster Skrine dropped a "Dream Team" reference when discussing the team's talent on defense. No, he didn't say they're a dream team, per se, but it's still dangerous territory, considering what happened to the 2011 Philadelphia Eagles, the last so-called "Dream Team."

"I've never played on a defense with this much talent," Skrine said. "Our front seven has all-stars and then in the back end, we have all-stars. I've never seen anything like this. Everybody said the Philadelphia Eagles were going to be like the Dream Team, but we have chemistry on this defense already, and you can see it out in practice. I mean, we can match up however you want to match up. We can match up with any offense."

Confidence and optimism are great things, and we all know they come in abundant quantities across the NFL in June. But sometimes you need to tap the brakes. Yes, the Jets have talent on defense, but if you want to get technical, they have only one all-star -- Darrelle Revis. Sheldon Richardson and Antonio Cromartie played in the Pro Bowl after last season, but they made it as alternates.

I'm on record as saying the Jets have the ability to be a top-five defense. They have a nice mix of young, ascending players (Richardson, Muhammad Wilkerson, Damon Harrison, Leonard Williams, Calvin Pryor and Demario Davis) and established veterans (Revis, Cromartie and David Harris). But can we let them play a down before we go crazy with the superlatives? I'm not picking on Skrine; others have done it, too, although he was the first to use the "Dream Team" reference in conversation.

You don't want to end up like the '11 Eagles, that's for sure. After a free-agent spending spree, Vince Young -- the backup quarterback, for crying out loud -- infamously dubbed them, "The Dream Team." Didn't work out too well. They finished 8-8, needing a four-game winning streak at the end to make it to .500.